Peter Moss
India (1947) Malaya (1957) Hong Kong (1997)   A Journey through the Twilight of Empire   Lichen Books

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Peter Moss is the author of five novels and an autobiographical trilogy described by Jan Morris (Pax Brittanica) as “a marvellous achievement, both as a personal and a historical document”. He also has some two dozen titles appearing under his name in the FormAsia catalogue, including The Colour of Asia; The Long March Back; Building Hong Kong; Lijiang: The Imperiled Utopia; Another City, Another Age; Passing Shadows; The Hong Kong Handover; Essence of Ancient Wisdom; Chinese Symbolism and Skylines: Hong Kong.

About the Author
Peter Moss, who lives and writes in both Hong Kong and Malaysia, has earned praise for his novels, including The Singing Tree (“A little gem”—New York Times) and The Age of Elephants (“A graceful, elaborate and dizzying tale of innocents yearning for home”—Kirkus Reviews).

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